Monday, January 7, 2013

Garden Groove

I always end up (not) planning my garden too late.  It mostly ends up being what starts I end up finding,  thrown into a poorly prepared plot or bed.  But, how can I have a righteous garden if I don't actually plan it?  The short answer is, I can't.  The good news is, its the beginning of January!

My family and I moved into a cute little house last August that came complete with a 500 sq ft (17x30) garden space. I have never had so much space to garden in.

Poorly taken picture of new garden space. Its in there somewhere.
As you can see, from the worst picture taken of a garden ever, the space is quite large.  So, once my brain turned towards thoughts of the garden, I was immediately overwhelmed.  I began by making a list of things we like to eat a lot.  Then I added things we probably would eat more of if I grew them instead of bought them.  Then, I got on the internet.  That, my friends, is where things went awry.

If you have never perused seed catalogs before, let me just tell you, you will want at least 5 acres when you are finished.  How can one resist names like Devils Tongue Lettuce, Black Valentine Bush Beans, Purple Plumed Celery, Cucamelons, Wonderberry, or Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry. Now my list is WAY too long. And then, the hubs chimed in. "I need a lot of space for my pumpkins".

I ended up finding a few sites for heirloom seed that send out catalogs.  From what I hear, they come mid January. Hopefully, I will have a shorter list by then, but I doubt it.  Here are links to three:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Annie's Annuals & Perennials

Botanical Interests

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