Monday, February 11, 2013

Seeds Are Here!

Wow! That was fast! I got the seeds from Botanical Interests on Saturday, and the seeds from Bountiful Gardens today.  Not too shabby.  The packets from Botanical Interests have a ton of information on them, and even more on the inside.

Botanical Interests packets with beautiful illustrations

I am equally impressed with Bountiful Gardens.  They have some very unique seeds I didn't find anywhere else, and I love what they are doing.  I got my medicinal herbs from them as well as quite a variety of veggies.  Though not as pretty as the Botanical Interests packets, these have a simple, natural beauty that is undeniable. And, their descriptions and information is outstanding.

Bountiful Gardens packets

So, next thing is to start these bad boys!  I am on a pretty tight budget and ended up opting for free containers from work to start the seeds.  Our muffins come frozen in these and we throw them out everyday.  Seems like they would be perfect and the cost is definitely right. Each tray has 24 spots.

Free Ain't Bad!

The next thing I did, was finish clearing all the blackberry from my garden.  It was a chore to be sure, but I got it done, and dug out a 4' x 17' stretch.  Only a bajillion feet left. I am building garden muscles though, and that is good. 

No More Blackberry!

In Real Life, This Is 4' x 17", Pinky Swear.

My girls were out in force, trying to get any and all worms that were exposed from my digging.  I don't think a shovel full got turned without their being at least one worm in it. Good sign!  I decided to start keeping an egg count.  I have three chickens.  Two Red Stars, and a Turken. I got two eggs since I started counting yesterday the 10th.  They are very regular layers, each providing an egg a day usually. And, I no longer have any bugs in my yard.   

Garden Helpers

So, a good week! My goals for next week in the garden:

Dig out the rest of the garden
Buy fencing and put it up (to keep the chickens out)
Map out all my veggies
Dig out the beds in the front yard
Make a plan for herbs and medicinal flowers in the front yard or in containers
Trim everything else up.  

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